About Us

The Murieta Inn and Spa is the brainchild of Carol Anderson Ward, Owner of California’s largest equestrian event facility, the Murieta Equestrian Center. She is Founder of the West Coast Equine Foundation known for advancing the equine industry, and President of the nationally ranked cutting horses and breeding program, Carol Ward Cutting Horses, Inc. Every year the Murieta Equestrian Center hosts more than 52 events which brings over 400 people each weekend to the business community during horse-show season.


Carol takes great pride in her beloved community, and as a leader in building local commerce she plays an integral part of the future development and revitalization projects for the area. The Murieta Inn and Spa is one such project that will keep our community vital for generations to come.


– Develop and deliver a destination resort experience with unique luxury style.
– Cultivate an extraordinary staff of committed professionals who are attentive to the needs of our guests through dedication to superior customer service and focus on continually seeking to promote guest loyalty.
– Galvanize and establish a legendary long term relationship with our patrons and guests whereby they come to “expect the unexpected”.

Murieta Hospitality Group’s standard of excellence is visible through our dedication to superior customer experience and our focus on continually seeking to promote guest loyalty, our involvement in the development of our employees—both personally and professionally—and in the growth and success of the hotel. Murieta Hospitality Group’s Guiding Principles describe values that form the foundation in our workplace, and grouped together, form the culture observed in our pursuit of excellence. Our Guiding Principles are:

Leaving our unique personalized signature on guest experience
We take pride in our community partnerships, our history and our unique customers in a unique setting. We will assure that every guest experience is exceptional through our dedication to superior customer service; We will focus on continually seeking to promote guest loyalty: by not only listening to our customers, but also by demonstrating honest and authentic care for their needs. We are committed to exceeding their expectations by surprising them with our ability to anticipate and fulfill their wishes.

Working together as a team
We will emphasize the sharing of responsibility, accountability and recognition through a climate of teamwork. We help and assist one another, no matter if we work in the same or in different departments – no matter if we’re managers or line staff. By working together as a team and by treating each other with mutual respect, trust, and fairness we will all contribute to hotel’s overall success more productively than if we worked alone.

Promoting a climate of engagement
We are committed to establishing an environment where the employees can perform to their fullest potential through ensuring all employees fully understand the hotel’s mission and purpose, effective training and meaningful career and personal development, and by creating an environment that nurtures innovation, initiative and fosters a sense of ownership and pride among individuals. We understand that it’s the people who work here that truly create our shareholder value.

Identify & Pursue Opportunities for Excellence
We will continually seek opportunities to do things differently, or better for the business to be more successful. We will ensure our standard best practices are world class for the hospitality industry and that these practices will be prioritized and reinforced regularly. We will be innovative and creative in our pursuit to improve our products and services. We will work with our suppliers to procure the highest quality products and services at the best value.

Doing the right thing
We recognize the importance of credibility, integrity and trustworthiness to our success as a business. We are committed to upholding high ethical standards in all our operations and will act to maintain integrity, fairness, respect and honesty in both our internal and external relationships and will go to great lengths to live up to our commitments.

Acting with responsibility
We will remain deeply committed to contributing positively to our communities, employees, and industry organizations by advocating socially and environmentally sustainable business practices. We aim to bring positive benefits to the community in which we operate through high quality services, economic growth, environmental protection, community involvement and employment.

Commitment to Success
We are committed to the financial success of our company. We believe that if we operate according to our principles day to day… determining what our customers value and focusing on always pleasing them, by being responsible to our employees and the community in which we live, and by providing strong hotel management services that focus on building the business… then our owners and partners should realize impressive returns.