Intimate Wineries &
Tasting Experiences

Amador Wine Country

Like the early days of Napa Valley, Amador Wine Country's scenic rolling hills are ideal for wine growing and local wine enthusiasts celebrate this region's winemaking traditions. Local events include intimate tastings, specialty wine dinners and large barrel tap celebrations. Amador Wine Country is Napa before it went big, where you can sip your favorite varietals alongside growers at hundreds of renown wineries.

Learn About the Region

Familiarize yourself with Amador County’s rich history in this showcase by WineTrekker TV featuring two winemakers – Amador Foothill Winery and Ferrero Vineyards.

“Home to some of the best Zinfandels in the world.”

The Oldest Winery in California

Explore the 4th oldest winery in California, located in Amador County, with Sobon Estate’s winemaker.

“The uniqueness of Sobon Estate is the location.”

A Tasting Teaser in Amador

Get introduced to a tasting experience in Amador County with sommeliers from TASTE Wine guides.

“Expect to taste world-class, quality wines in an unlikely small town setting.”